M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
ConnectionData Object Members
Public Methods
Creates a clone of an object.
Public Properties
True to allow an anonymous connection. Not applicable with connections without login.
True if authentication plugin configurations are used for authentication.
The capabilities of the connected client.
True if the client has prevalidated the client certificate. This value is trusted if the client is physically the same computer as the server (for instance with LRPC connections).
The client culture.
The device-specific identifier of the client device. Each device should report a globally unique identifier. The identifier can be, for example, the notification push identifier.
A free-formatted name for the host device, OS and the platform. For example 'Firefox 56.0', 'Windows 10', 'Android 7.0'.
The type of the client software.
A more specific and free-formatted name for the user agent, such as 'M-Files Client'.
True if the connection is encrypted. Not applicable with connections without login.
The endpoint port.
The local computer name.
The logical target server name.
The network address.
The protocol sequence to use.

The supported protocols include:

  • "ncacn_ip_tcp" (TCP/IP protocol)
  • "ncacn_spx" (SPX protocol)
  • "ncalrpc" (local interprocess call, LPC)
  • "ncacn_http" (HTTPS)
  • "grpc" (gRPC)
  • "grpc-local" (local gRPC)
The time zone of the client.
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