M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
CopyVaultJob Object
The CopyVaultJob class represents a copy vault job.
Public Methods
Creates a copy of the object.
Public Properties
Copy all data. All other flags are ignored.
Copy all except all data.
Copy applications.
Copy exported data sets.
Copy classes and class groups.
Copy documents and other objects.
Copy event log.
Copy connections to external locations.
Copy document file contents.
Copy internal event handlers.
Copy languages and translations.
Copy property definitions.
Copy scheduled export and import jobs.
Copy users and user groups.
Defines whether or not to use the provided target vault GUID.
Copy value list contents.
Copy value list definitions.
Copy views.
Copy workflows.
The GUID of the vault to copy.
The definition of the target vault. The GUID field is ignored unless CopyflagUseTargetGUID is set.

A vault copying job definition as seen in M-Files Admin.

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