M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
SetObjectIDSegmentExpression Method
Expression Object : SetObjectIDSegmentExpression Method
The range of the ID segment.
Set the ObjectIDSegment expression.
Visual Basic
Public Sub SetObjectIDSegmentExpression( _
   ByVal Segment As Long _
The range of the ID segment.

This expression type can be used to limit the search results by object ID. The value stored in the parent SearchCondition object identifies the ID segment of the searched object. The value returned by this method identifies the segment range (i.e., if the segment range is 1,000 and the expression limits objects to segment 2, only object IDs 2,000-2,999 are returned).

The condition type of the SearchCondition object must be MFConditionTypeEqual, and the data type of the encapsulated TypedValue object must be MFDatatypeInteger.

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