M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
MFExportContentFlag Enumeration
Bit flags that provide information about a content export job.
MFExportContentFlagClearArchivalMarker8If present, the 'Marked for archiving' property of the exported objects is reset after the export.
MFExportContentFlagDestroyAfterExport4If present and exporting full objects, the exported objects are destroyed from the vault after the export.
MFExportContentFlagExportInformationOnDestroyedData64If present, only information on destroyed objects and object versions is exported.
MFExportContentFlagIndicateDropouts1024If present, dropout information is exported if a previously exported object is no longer part of the export set.
MFExportContentFlagLatestVersionsOnly2If present, only the latest version of each object is exported.
MFExportContentFlagSaveFilesAlsoAsPDFA32If present, files are also saved as PDF/A.
MFExportContentFlagUseMultipleContentPackages128If present, the target location represents a folder for multiple content packages.