M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
MFFacetSearchFlags Enumeration
Facet search flags (bitfield flags). Affects facet searching.
MFFacetSearchFlagAscendingOrder32Orders to use an ascending sorting order if the facet values are to be sorted.
MFFacetSearchFlagIgnoreFacetGroupPermissions4Orders to perform no ACL check on facet groups.
MFFacetSearchFlagIgnoreFacetValuePermissions8Orders to perform no ACL check on individual facet values.
MFFacetSearchFlagIgnoreSearchPermissions2Orders to perform no ACL check on the underlying search results.
MFFacetSearchFlagNone0No flags.
MFFacetSearchFlagOverrideByConfiguration64Orders to override the facet search parameters by configuration if available.
MFFacetSearchFlagSortFacetValues16Orders to sort facet values in descending occurrence order within each facet group.