M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
MFScheduledJobType Enumeration
Types of scheduled jobs available for server maintenance.
MFScheduledJobTypeArchiveOldVersions6Scheduled job for moving old object versions to a content package.
MFScheduledJobTypeBackup1Scheduled job for making a backup of a vault or master database.
MFScheduledJobTypeCopyVault3Scheduled job for making a copy of a vault.
MFScheduledJobTypeExportContent5Scheduled job for content export.
MFScheduledJobTypeImportContent7Scheduled job for content import.
MFScheduledJobTypeMigrateVault10Scheduled job for migrating from Firebird to MS SQL Sever.
MFScheduledJobTypeOptimizeVault8Scheduled job for performing vault optimization.
MFScheduledJobTypeRecalculate9Scheduled job for recalculating property values.
MFScheduledJobTypeRestore2Scheduled job for restoring a vault from a backup or restoring a master backup.
MFScheduledJobTypeUninitialized0An unknown scheduled job type.
MFScheduledJobTypeVerifyVault4Scheduled job for verifying the vault.
MFScheduledJobUpdateFileEncryptionStatus11Scheduled job for updating the file encryption statuses.
The MFScheduledJobUpdateFileEncryptionStatus field requires M-Files 19.9.8227.1 or later.