M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
MFSpecialObjectFlag Enumeration
Bit flags that indicate special objects such as shortcuts and conflicts.
MFSpecialObjectFlagConflict16If present, indicates conflict objects.
MFSpecialObjectFlagDeleted2If present, indicates deleted objects. Not a persistent value.
MFSpecialObjectFlagFolder128If present, indicates that the object is a folder.
MFSpecialObjectFlagHasExternalData256If present, indicates that the object has external data.
MFSpecialObjectFlagHasSharedFiles8If present, indicates that the object has shared files. Not a persistent value.
MFSpecialObjectFlagNormal64If present, indicates normal objects. Effectively the same meaning as MFSpecialObjectFlagNone.
MFSpecialObjectFlagRecentlyAccessedByValid4If present, indicates the Recently Accessed By field being valid. Not a persistent value.
MFSpecialObjectFlagShortcut1If present, indicates shortcut objects.
MFSpecialObjectFlagUnmanagedReference512If present, indicates that the object is an unmanaged reference object.