M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
CheckVaultAccess Method
SessionInfo Object : CheckVaultAccess Method
Checks vault access rights against the properties of this session.
Visual Basic
Public Function CheckVaultAccess( _
   ByVal DesiredVaultAccess As MFVaultAccess _
) As Boolean
MFVaultAccessChangeAssignmentsModify all assignment information.
MFVaultAccessChangeDocSecurityChange documents' security settings.
MFVaultAccessChangeFullControlRoleAdd/remove the full control role.
MFVaultAccessChangeMetaDataStructureChange metadata structure.
MFVaultAccessChangeObjectStatesChange the state of an object regardless of the state's ACL.
MFVaultAccessCreateDocsCreate documents.
MFVaultAccessDestroyDocsDestroy documents.
MFVaultAccessEditAllDocsModify all documents (excluding changing security settings).
MFVaultAccessExportContentExport content to a content package or move old versions of objects to a content package.
MFVaultAccessForceUndoCheckoutForce undo check-out.
MFVaultAccessImportContentImport content from a content package.
MFVaultAccessLicenseAllowsModificationsThe license of the user allows modifications.
MFVaultAccessManageCommonNotificationRulesCreate, modify, and delete common notification rules.
MFVaultAccessManageCommonUISettingsManage common display (UI) settings.
MFVaultAccessManageCommonViewsCreate, modify, and delete common views.
MFVaultAccessManageEventsEnable or disable event logging, delete a range of events, and get all events of the vault.
MFVaultAccessManageExternalLocationsAdd, modify, or remove external locations.
MFVaultAccessManageTraditionalFoldersCreate, modify, and delete traditional folders.
MFVaultAccessManageUserAccountsManage user accounts.
MFVaultAccessManageVLItemsFromClientManage (for instance add, modify, remove) value list items from client side.
MFVaultAccessMaterializeViewsMaterialize views.
MFVaultAccessNoneNo vault access.
MFVaultAccessSeeAllDocsSee all documents (including deleted ones).
MFVaultAccessSeeDeletedDocsSee deleted objects. However, seeing a deleted object requires the user to have read access to the object or the vault-level SeeAllDocs access right.
MFVaultAccessUndeleteDocsUndelete documents.
MFVaultAccessVerifyVaultVerify and fix vault.
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