M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
SetValue Method
TypedValue Object : SetValue Method
Specifies the data type of the typed value.
Specifies the actual value.
Sets the value of a typed value.
Visual Basic
Public Sub SetValue( _
   ByVal DataType As MFDataType, _
   ByVal Value As Variant _
MFDatatypeACLThe access control list (ACL).
MFDatatypeFILETIMEFILETIME (a 64-bit integer). Not used in the properties.
MFDatatypeFloatingA double-precision floating point.
MFDatatypeIntegerA 32-bit integer.
MFDatatypeInteger64A 64-bit integer. Not used in the properties.
MFDatatypeLookupLookup (from a value list).
MFDatatypeMultiLineTextMulti-line text.
MFDatatypeMultiSelectLookupMultiple selection from a value list.
MFDatatypeUninitializedUnknown type (not yet set to any type).
Specifies the data type of the typed value.
Specifies the actual value.

If the data type of a typed value is MFDataTypeLookup, a variant given to SetValue can carry either the ID of a lookup as a primitive integer or both the ID and the display value of a lookup as a one-dimensional array.

If the data type of a typed value is MFDataTypeMultiSelectLookup, the caller can supply lookups in one of the following two ways:

1. By passing a single integer. A single primitive integer is interpreted to be the ID part of a lookup. In this case, the multi-select lookup consists of only one lookup.
2. By passing a two-dimensional array containing the IDs and display values of lookups. The IDs must be located in the first column and the display values in the second one.

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