M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
OpenTaskQueue Method
VaultApplicationTaskOperations Object : OpenTaskQueue Method
The ID of the task queue to be opened.
The behavior of new task queue.
Opens a new task queue. When the application no longer needs the queue, it can simply stop using it. The server automatically closes the queue when instances stop using it.
Visual Basic
Public Sub OpenTaskQueue( _
   ByVal QueueID As String, _
   ByVal QueueProcessingBehavior As MFTaskQueueProcessingBehavior _
The ID of the task queue to be opened.
MFProcessingBehaviorConcurrentTasks in this queue may be carried out concurrently.
MFProcessingBehaviorSequentialTasks in this queue are carried out one by one, in the order they have been added to the queue.
The behavior of new task queue.

Requires M-Files 19.3.7499.1 or later.

This method is available only if M-Files API is used in the server interface mode.

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