M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
Endpoint Property
VaultConnection Object : Endpoint Property
The endpoint for connecting to the vault.

Specifies the communication port on which the server listens for calls.

With the TCP/IP protocol, specify the TCP port that M-Files Server is listening to. Typically this value is 2266.

With the HTTPS protocol, specify the M-Files Server endpoint that will be used between the RPC Proxy and M-Files Server on the server side. Typically this value is 4466. Note that this parameter does not affect the port that the client uses to communicate with the server. Regardless of this setting, the client will always use the standard HTTPS port for communicating with the server.

With the LPC protocol, specify "MFServerCommon_F5EE352D-6A03-4866-9988-C69CEA2C39BF" to connect to the local M-Files Server instance regardless of its version. If multiple versions of M-Files Server are running on the same computer, the first instance that has started has been registered to listen to this endpoint. Alternatively, you can leave this parameter empty in order to connect to the exact same version of M-Files Server as the M-Files API version you are using. If you leave the Endpoint parameter empty with the LPC protocol, M-Files API uses a version-specific endpoint name to connect to M-Files Server.
Property type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property Endpoint As String
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