M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
VaultNamedValueStorageOperations Object
VaultNamedValueStorageOperations is an interface to get, set and remove stored named values.
Public Methods
Reads the named values with the specified namespace from the vault.
Deletes the specified named values from the vault.
Stores the named values to the vault.
Stores the named values of the "NamedValues" parameter to the vault if the values of the "ExpectedValues" parameter match the current values in the vault. If the values do not match, the operation fails.

The named value storage is a server-side mechanism for persistently storing key-object pairs for custom application-specific purposes. The storage is shared between all the applications, therefore the name of the named values is based on a namespace-name pair for better isolation. The recommended namespace convention follows the Java or .Net package naming convention, e.g., mycompany.myapp.myfeature.

This method group interface can be accessed via the Vault object.

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