M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
ShowNewObjectWindow Method
VaultObjectOperations Object : ShowNewObjectWindow Method
The mode in which the metadata card is opened.
The initial state of the new metadata card.
Displays the new object metadata window.
Visual Basic
Public Function ShowNewObjectWindow( _
   ByVal ParentWindow As Long, _
   ByVal Mode As MFObjectWindowMode, _
   ByVal ObjectCreationInfo As ObjectCreationInfo _
) As ObjectWindowResult
MFObjectWindowModeEditThe default edit mode.
MFObjectWindowModeEditApplicationModalThe object shown in the object window is currently open in the application, too. Does not allow the file name to change.
MFObjectWindowModeInsertThe default insert mode.
MFObjectWindowModeInsertSaveAsTypeShows file type selection in the metadata card. The selectable file types can be specified using ObjectCreationInfo.
MFObjectWindowModeInsertSourceFilesThe source files specified in ObjectCreationInfo are added to the new object.
The mode in which the metadata card is opened.
The initial state of the new metadata card.
Return Type
The ObjectWindowResult object that contains the return values of the function. Includes information on the cancellation of the metadata card.

Use the VaultObjectFileOperations object to add new files to the created object.

This method is available only if M-Files API is used in the client interface mode.

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