M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
GetObjectCountInSearch Method
VaultObjectSearchOperations Object : GetObjectCountInSearch Method
The conditions to be used in the search.
Gets the number of objects found with the specified search.
Visual Basic
Public Function GetObjectCountInSearch( _
   ByVal SearchConditions As SearchConditions, _
   ByVal SearchFlags As MFSearchFlags _
) As Long
The conditions to be used in the search.
MFSearchFlagDisableRelevancyRankingSearch results are not sorted according to their relevancy.
MFSearchFlagIncludeUnmanagedObjectsInclude unmanaged objects in the search results.
MFSearchFlagLookAllObjectTypesPerform a separate search for each object type and merges the results.
MFSearchFlagLookInAllVersionsOrders to look for matches in all object versions. By default, only the latest object versions are included in the search.
MFSearchFlagNoneNo flags.
MFSearchFlagResultsFromEachRepositoryLimits the search results per search location instead of limiting the total number of results from all vaults and repositories. This ensures that the search results include items from all search locations with search hits.
MFSearchFlagReturnLatestVisibleVersionOrders to return the latest version for each object, regardless of whether it is an actual matching version. This flag is effective only if MFSearchFlagLookInAllVersions is on.
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