M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
VaultProperties Object Members
Public Methods
Creates a clone of this object.
Public Properties
Specifies whether Advanced Event Log features are enabled in this vault.
The display name of the vault.
Specifies whether encryption of file data at rest is enabled in this vault.
Specifies whether the extended metadata-driven permissions are used in this vault.
The connection string that identifies the location, protocol, and credentials for the file data storage of this vault. For example, this might specify a storage account, a protocol, and a container name for Azure's BLOB Services. Can be NULL or empty.
File data storage type.
Specifies the language used in full-text search.
If not NULL, contains the icon of this item in .ICO format.
The main physical folder of this vault on the server (e.g. C:\Program Files\M-Files\Server Vaults\MyVault).
If not empty, specifies a separate location for file data. Currently up to one separate location is supported.
The vault's SQL database.
The unique identifier of the vault.
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