M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
VaultUserGroupOperations Object
The VaultUserGroupOperations class represents the available user group operations.
Public Methods
Adds a new user group or undeletes an existing one.
Adds a new user group. Returns the created user group, with the ID property set to the real ID value.
Gets all the groups that the specifed user or group belongs to.
Gets all user containers.
Gets the specified user group.
Gets the specified user group (for administrative operations).
Gets the ID of the user group with the specified alias. Returns -1 if a match is not found or if more than one user group uses the specified alias.
Gets the ID of the user group with the specified GUID. Returns -1 if a match is not found.
Gets the user group listing as key name pairs.
Gets all user groups.
Gets all user groups.
Deletes the user group with specified ID.
Updates the user group. The ID property identifies the user group to modify.
This method group interface can be accessed via the Vault object.
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