M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
View Object
The View class represents a view.
Public Methods
Creates a copy of the object.
Copies the content to this object from another object.
Public Properties
The access control list of the view.
Specifies whether the view is a common view.
The GUID of the view as a string.
Specifies whether the view has a parent.
The ID of the view.
The hierarchy level definitions of the view.
Specifies whether the view looks match in all versions or in only the latest versions.
The name of the view.
The parent of the view. This is valid only if the view has a parent.
Specifies whether the view returns the latest visible versions or the latest matching versions.
The search conditions of the view.
The search definition of the view.
The search flags of the view.
Bit flags that provide additional information on the view.
The view location of the view.
The type of the view.
Specifies whether the view is visible.

A view represents a view folder as seen in the M-Files client application. The view can be thought of as a "named search" whose results can be displayed hierarchically. Basically, a view consists of two fundamental and important factors. First, each view has a set of conditions that determines which objects can be seen in the view. This is the "filter" of the view. Second, the view may define one or more "hierarchy levels". Each hierarchy level is an expression. The hierarchy-level expressions determine how the objects that fulfill the conditions of the view are divided into subfolders.



The contents of a view in M-Files Desktop.

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