M-Files API

M-Files API provides an application programming interface for M-Files. The API makes it possible to access M-Files from within scripting environments. For example, you can use it to generate reports based on the contents of a document vault or to integrate M-Files into your application. The object model of the M-Files API is easier to understand if you are familiar with the key concepts of M-Files. Please refer to the user guide and other software documentation for generic information on M-Files concepts.

With the M-Files API, you can access and manage objects contained in an M-Files document vault. This means that you can create, view, modify and destroy objects as well as control their visibility. M-Files API is an ActiveX/COM DLL and can be used with Visual Basic, VBScript, C++, and all .NET languages such as C#.

For M-Files API samples, visit https://www.m-files.com/api.