M-Files UI Extensibility Framework
OnChangeVaultLanguage Event
M-Files UI Extensibility Framework > Events > OnChangeVaultLanguage Event
Triggered when the vault language change is requested. This event occurs before the request is passed for M-Files Server.

languageID : Long [ in ]

Identifies the vault language.

Return Type

The return type can be one of the types as follows:


Callback object to be activated after the operation. Callback methods:

OnSuccess Method [ optional ]

Called when the operation is successfully performed.

OnError Method [ optional ]

Called when the operation failed. The call receives parameters as follows:

errorCode : Long [ in ]

The error code (HRESULT).

errorMessage : String [ in ]

The error message.

errorStack : String [ in ]

The call stack that identifies the error source in the program code.

Finally Method [ optional ]

Called after the operation was performed regardless of the operation success or failure.


False to prevent the operation.


Prevents the operation.

Supported in M-Files 9.0.3372.6 and newer.
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