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OnCheckInObjects Event
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Triggered when the check in of one or more vault objects is requested. This event occurs before the request is passed for M-Files Server.
IObjVers [ in ]

Specifies the object versions to check in.

propertyValues : IPropertyValues [ in, out ]

Specifies the property values to be applied with the check in operation. The property values are common for all object versions.

Return Type

The return type can be one of the types as follows:


Callback object to be activated after the operation. Callback methods:

OnSuccess Method [ optional ]

Called when the operation is successfully performed. The call receives parameters as follows:

objectVersions : IObjectVersions [ in ]

The updated object versions.

OnError Method [ optional ]

Called when the operation failed. The call receives parameters as follows:

errorCode : Long [ in ]

The error code (HRESULT).

errorMessage : String [ in ]

The error message.

errorStack : String [ in ]

The call stack that identifies the error source in the program code.

Finally Method [ optional ]

Called after the operation was performed regardless of the operation success or failure.


False to prevent the operation.


Prevents the operation.


The OnCheckInObject Event is triggered for each individual object, too.

Supported in M-Files 9.0.3372.6 and newer.

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