M-Files UI Extensibility Framework
CreateInstance Method
ICommonFunctions Interface : CreateInstance Method
The type name of the object to create, e.g. "ObjVer".

Creates a new M-Files API object.

This method is no longer needed. New applications should create objects with the new keyword. See remarks for more details.

Visual Basic
Public Function CreateInstance( _
   ByVal name As String _
) As Object
The type name of the object to create, e.g. "ObjVer".
Return Type
The newly created object.

This method is unnecessary in new applications. In M-Files 10.0.3911.3 and newer the M-Files API objects can be created with new keyword, e.g.

var o = new MFiles.ObjVer();


This method is supported in M-Files 9.0.3372.6 and newer.

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