M-Files UI Extensibility Framework
SetVirtualSelection Method
IShellListing Interface : SetVirtualSelection Method
Array of object or file versions to select virtually.
Overrides the items selection with a virtual selection.
Visual Basic
Public Sub SetVirtualSelection( _
   ByVal objOrFileVers As IObjOrFileVers _
Array of object or file versions to select virtually.

The virtual selection does not change the actual visible selection, but makes the M-Files behave like the virtually selected objects were truly selected. For example the metadata card and task pane will change their content in similar fashion like an object was actually selected in the listing. Virtually selected objects do not need to be present in the current view.

The virtual selection is removed when a normal selection takes place or the selected item is changed.

Supported in M-Files 10.0.3911.3 and newer.

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