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IShellPaneContainer Interface Members
Public Methods
Creates a new tab and adds it to the collection of tabs.
Sets the window focus to this window.
Gets the selected (active) tab.
Gets the tab with the specified tab id.
Gets the tab IDs as a string list.
Sets the embedded pane default size.
Sets tha embedded pane's default visibility.
Public Properties
Resolves whether or not the pane is available.
Not implemented.
Returns the event registering interface for the IShellPaneContainer interface.
True if the window is focused.
The minimized state of the pane.
Returns a reference to the IShellFrame which owns this IShellPaneContainer.
Sets or returns the pane size. With bottom pane the height is affected and in the right pane the width.
Gets the tab title width or height in pixels (depending on the pane orientation).
Sets or returns the pane's visibility status in the current context.
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