M-Files UI Extensibility Framework
ITopPane Interface
Enables accessing and controlling the content of the top pane in the M-Files client application.
Public Methods
Opens a context menu with the given ID.
Shows the connection status dialog.
Sets the shell window main area to show a dashboard.
Displays the offline sychronization status dialog.
Starts the automatic installation if an installation package is found.
Public Properties
Gets the automatic installation deadline if one has been defined.
Defines whether the top pane is available here.
Gets the current breadcrumb.
Gets the current breadcrumbs.
Returns "true" if the automatic installation note can be shown in the top area. The next call returns "false" unless the M-Files Desktop UI is restarted.
Accesses the event source object for this object.
Gets the network status roundtrip time in milliseconds.
Gets the visibility of the offline synchronization status icon.
Returns the shell window.
Defines whether the top pane is visible.
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