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Using Tabs in Shell Frame Side Pane Tabs
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M-Files 10.0.3911.3 and later can diplay tabs in the right and the bottom shell pane (side pane). UI Extensibility Framework has methods for accessing the tabs.

Adding and Accessing Tab Pages

Tabs can be added by accessing the target side pane and calling the AddTab method. The caller needs to provide an ID and a title for the new tab, and a placement hint for the new tab. The placement is bound to existing tabs.

The IShellPaneTab object contains methods and properties for controlling the tab appearence and content. The tab can display dashboard, report or file preview content. Tabs can be accessed with their ID (for instance with the GetTab method), or just by holding a reference to the IShellPaneTab object.

The built-in tabs are referred to with the following tab IDs:

Legacy Applications

Old UI Extensibility applications that are not tab-aware may still set the content directly to the IShellPaneContainer object. They work in compatiblity mode, where the content is redirected to dedicated legacy application tab page (with the _legacy ID).

Controlling the Tab Selection

The currently selected tab can be resolved with the GetSelectedTab method. M-Files controls the tab selection and can change the selection automatically if, for example, the listing item selection changes.

Pseudo IDs