JsonMappingAttribute Constructor



Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Configuration.JsonMapping
Assembly: MFiles.VAF.Configuration (in MFiles.VAF.Configuration.dll) Version: 23.12.13247.3
public JsonMappingAttribute(
	string target,
	string path,
	JsonListMappingMode listMode = JsonListMappingMode.Auto


target  String
The identifier of the json format this attribute maps the data member in to.
path  String
The location that this data members value should be mapped to in the target json structure. Paths starting with $. are absolute, otherwise they are relative to the data-member's declaring type's path or the parent data-member's path.
listMode  JsonListMappingMode  (Optional)
Defines how the mapping is applied to list-based data members. Has no effect if the data-member is not list-based.

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