AppTaskProcessorSettings Class

ApplicationTask processor settings object.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.MultiserverMode
Assembly: MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 24.1.706.1
public class AppTaskProcessorSettings
Object    AppTaskProcessorSettings



DisableAutomaticProgressUpdates When true, automatic progress updates are disabled and must be handled manually.
EnableAutomaticTaskUpdates When enabled, the processor will automatically update the task info with the default update info when an event is fired. - IE, ProcessingCompleted => Task is updated in task queue as completed with default update info. When this is setting is disabled, all updates to the task queue should be handled inside the task handler.
GetStatusInfo Optional - Status info resolver. - Accepts an ApplicationTask as the identifier. - Resolves JSON response data.
GetTraceInfo Optional - Trace info resolver. - Accepts an ApplicationTask as the identifier. - Resolves JSON response data.
IsTraceLogEnabled Callback used to determine if trace logging is enabled at that time.
MaxConcurrentJobs Maximum concurrent jobs that can process at any one time, per batch.
PermanentVault Permanent vault reference.
PollTasksOnJobCompletion When true, polling is triggered right away after a job has completed processing. - This prevents the need to wait a full polling cycle to get the next task.
QueueDef Task queue definition info used to register / open the task queue.
TaskHandlers Task handler dictionary, indexed by task handler identifier.
TaskQueueManager Task queue manager for this processor.
VaultExtensionMethodProxyId Vault extension method identifier that should receive the VaultExtensionMethod calls. - Note this is called the proxy, in that it commonly routes the calls to an id specific handler.


Validate Validates the settings object, throwing an error when validation issues are found.

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