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MetadataStructureCache Fields

The MetadataStructureCache type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldclassIdByAlias
Container for cached class aliases.
Protected fieldloginsCache
Container for cached login accounts.
Protected fieldStatic membermetadataStructureCollectionLock
The lock for protecting the metadata structure cache creation.
Protected fieldnamedACLIdByAlias
Container for cached NACL aliases.
Protected fieldobjectClassAdminCache
Container for cached full( admin) object class definitions.
Protected fieldobjectTypeAdminCache
Container for cached full (admin) object type definitions.
Protected fieldobjectTypeIdByAlias
Container for cached object type aliases.
Protected fieldpropertyDefAdminCache
Container for cached full (admin) property definitions.
Protected fieldpropertyDefIdByAlias
Container for cached property definition aliases.
Protected fieldstateAdminCache
Container for cached states.
Protected fielduserGroupAdminCache
Container for cached user groups.
Protected fielduserGroupIdByAlias
Container for cached user group aliases.
Protected fielduserGroupIdByGuid
Maps user group guid to user group id.
Protected fielduserIdByGuid
Maps user guid to user id.
Protected fieldusersCache
Container for cached user accounts.
Protected fieldvalueListItemIDByGuid
Value list items (or objects) by guid.
Protected fieldStatic membervaultCachesByVaultGuid
Collection of the metadata structure caches.
Protected fieldworkflowAdminCache
Container for cached workflows.
Protected fieldworkflowIdByAlias
Container for cached workflow aliases.
Protected fieldworkflowStateIdByAlias
Container for cached state aliases.
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