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VaultApplicationBase Fields

The VaultApplicationBase type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldapplicationRunningStatus
Indicates the application running status. This is volatile because the value can be accessed from multiple threads to avoid caching delays -- the enumeration read and write itself is atomic.
Protected fieldcacheEventSink
The vault listeners registered to update the metadatastructurecache backing vault instances.
Protected fieldeventHandlerMethods
Collections of the event handling methods.
Protected fieldeventSourceIdentifier
The application event source identifier that is used in conjunction with the Windows event log.
Protected fieldMaxTimeToWaitBackgroundOperationsAtUninitialization
Defines how long the background operations can be waited at uninitialization.
Public fieldStatic memberMultiserverHealthStatusNamespace
Namespace holds the multi-server mode health status entries (one per host machine).
Protected fieldpropertyMethods
Collection of property extension methods by property.
Protected fieldstateMethods
Collection of state extension methods by state.
Protected fieldstateTransitionMethods
Collection of state transition extension methods by state.
Protected fieldunusedVaultExtensionNames
List of vault extension method names which are known but not used.
Protected fieldvaultExtensionMethods
Collection of vault extension methods by name.
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