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JsonPathInfoResolveSegmentPlaceholderValues Method

Resolves placeholder values from a real path segment given a template segment.

Namespace:  MFiles.VAF.Configuration.JsonMapping
Assembly:  MFiles.VAF.Configuration (in MFiles.VAF.Configuration.dll) Version: 21.8.10524.1
public static Dictionary<string, string> ResolveSegmentPlaceholderValues(
	string templateSegment,
	string realSegment,
	string[] placeholders = null


Type: SystemString
The defined (template) path segment to get values for.
Type: SystemString
The "real" path segment that will contain the placeholder values.
placeholders (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Optional. The list of placeholders defined in the template segment. If not passed, they will be calculated.

Return Value

Type: DictionaryString, String
Placeholder values indexed by placeholder name.
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