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ConfigurableVaultApplicationBaseTSecureConfigurationOnConfigurationUpdated Method

Override this to handle configuration changes.

Namespace:  MFiles.VAF.Core
Assembly:  MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 2.3.623.2
protected virtual void OnConfigurationUpdated(
	TSecureConfiguration oldConfiguration,
	bool updateExternals


Type: TSecureConfiguration
The configuration that was just replaced.
Type: SystemBoolean
Indicates the scope of the update to prevent the vault and other external systems from being updated each time a vault instance loads a new configuration (too often), versus the single time it was saved/changed. When this value is true, it is safe to update external data in the vault, or other systems. When it is false only instance specific values (like internal memory) should be updated.
The new configuration is already in place when this is called. Throwing here will cancel the update, and rever the configuration.
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