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ILicensedVaultApplicationGetApplicationLicenseStatus Method

Called by platform, at any time, to request the license status, either currently set license or the one given as argument. Returning the value MFApplicationLicenseStatusFormatError for a new license will prevent the user from saving that license into the database. Make this method as fast as possible.

Namespace:  MFiles.VAF
Assembly:  MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 2.3.623.2
MFApplicationLicenseStatus GetApplicationLicenseStatus(
	bool newlicense,
	string license


Type: SystemBoolean
Use given license content instead of currently loaded.
Type: SystemString
If newlicense=true, return status of this license content.

Return Value

Type: MFApplicationLicenseStatus
Enumeration status
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