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ITaskProcessingJobTDirective Methods

The ITaskProcessingJobTDirective generic type exposes the following members.

Public methodCommit
Used to finalize task processing in Hybrid mode. The callback runs in the scope of a vault transaction along with the final task completed state. If any part of the callback or task completion steps fail, all vault operations performed in the callback will be rolled back. Throws if called more than once. Throws if not in Hybrid mode.
Public methodGetStatus
Public methodThrowIfJobAbortRequested
Throws if the job has been asked to abort.
Public methodThrowIfTaskCancellationRequested
Throws if it has been requested that the job's task is cancelled.
Public methodTransaction
Runs a callback in the scope of a vault transaction. If the method fails, all operations made with the provided vault will be rolled back. If the method succeeds, all operations made with the provided vault will be committed.
Public methodUpdate
Updates the in-progress status of the task.
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