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ExpressionJA Methods

The ExpressionJA type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberFromJson
Creates an instance from a json representation.
Public methodStatic memberGetDataFunctionCallForExpression
Helper method for converting an MFDataFunction into a DataFunctionCall.
Public methodLoadApiObject
(Re-)Initializes this adaptor object to be the equivilent of the passed API object.
(Overrides MFJsonObjectAdaptorTLoadApiObject(T).)
Protected methodResolveID
Resolves the id of the of the identifier if the vault object is not null.
(Inherited from MFJsonObjectAdaptorT.)
Public methodToApiObject
Converts this JsonCompatible object to an equivalent API object.
(Overrides MFJsonObjectAdaptorTToApiObject(Vault).)
Public methodToJson
Serialize the object to a json string.
(Inherited from MFJsonObjectAdaptorT.)
Public methodValidate
Performs validation checks on the object and sub-objects and returns any findings.
(Inherited from MFJsonObjectAdaptorT.)
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