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MetadataStructureCacheEventSink Methods

The MetadataStructureCacheEventSink type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetMethodsByAttributeT
Returns a collection of the methods decorated with the given attribute.
(Inherited from MethodSource.)
Public methodRemoveLoginFromCache
RemoveLoginFromCache is the handler for AfterRemoveLoginAccount event. It removes the login from the cache.
Public methodRemoveUserFromCache
RemoveUserFromCache is the handler for AfterRemoveUserAccount event. It removes the user from the cache.
Public methodRemoveUserGroupFromCache
RemoveUserGroupFromCache is the handler for AfterRemoveUserGroup event. It removes the user group from the cache.
Public methodSetTargetCache
Changes the target cache object that gets updated according to this event sink.
Public methodUpdateLoginInCache
Listener for login account changes.
Public methodUpdateUserGroupInCache
Listener for user group changes.
Public methodUpdateUserInCache
Listener for user account changes.
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