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PlaceholderLevel Methods

The PlaceholderLevel type exposes the following members.

Public methodAppendChild
Appends a child node to this node's children.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode.)
Public methodExpand
Expands this node in the given context.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeExpand(IExpansionContext, ObjVerExReadCache).)
Public methodGetResolvedStructureReferences
Finds any resolved structure references in this node or it's children.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeGetResolvedStructureReferences.)
Public methodIsValidExpansionContext
Determines if a context is valid input for expanding this level.
Public methodValidate
Validates the node and it's child nodes returning all issues found throughout. Returns static parse based issues, not expansion issues.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeValidate.)
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