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MFiles.VAF.Configuration.JsonMapping Namespace

Public classDataMemberInfo
Represents a serializable instance field or property on a class within a serializable class hierarchy structure. The field or property must be decorated with a DataMemberAttribute.
Public classDataMemberWalker
Traverses all DataMemberAttribute decorated fields and properties in a class/member hierarchy.
Public classJObjectHelper
Utility methods for working with JObjects, JArrays and JsPath.
Public classJsonAdminComment
Represents the location of an MFAdmin-compatible comment in a source JSON structure.
Public classJsonAdminCommentPreserver
Utility methods for extracting mfadmin-compatible comments and preserving them and restoring them inside json structures.
Public classJsonMap
Defines a set of JsonValueMappings that are used to map values in a source JSON structure to values in a target JSON structure.
Public classJsonMapGenerator
Generates a JsonMap based on a class structure and the relevant types' data members.
Public classJsonMappingAttribute
Attribute for mapping data members of a class to a different JSON format.
Public classJsonPathInfo
Provides information about a json path. Particularly for JsonValueMapping.
Public classJsonValueMapping
Contains information how to map a json value from one json format to another.
Public classMapObjectToArrayAttribute
Used to indicate which data members and mappings should use the ObjectToArrayMapper.
Public classMFIdentiferResolver
Simple implementation of IMFIdentiferResolver backed by a vault instance.
Public classWalkerControl
Object to control the behavior of a walker.
Public interfaceIJsonValueConverter
Interface for an object that can convert a JSON value being mapped from a source JSON structure to a target JSON structure.
Public interfaceIJsonValueMapper
Interface for an object that can alter the default mapping generation done by JsonMapGenerator.
Public interfaceIMFIdentiferResolver
Simple interface for resolving structure element id's from MFIdentifiers.
Public delegateJsonConfDataMemberWalkerCallback
Callback to be triggered for each data-member traversed by the DataMemberWalker.
Public enumerationJsonListMappingMode
Modes determining how the source path is determined for to list based data members. Essentially determines if the source path should end in "[*]" or not.