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MFiles.VAF.MultiserverMode Namespace

Public classApplicationTaskOperation
The application task operation class is used to process an individual ApplicationTask. - This class exists primarily to implement the Process() method, using the - AsyncProcessingOperationT as the base structure that provides the needed events. The class: - Is cancellable. - Exposes events [ ProcessingStarted, ProcessingCompleted, ProcessingFailed, CancellationRequested, ]. - Holds a reference to: -- The Task that will execute the application task handler. -- The ApplicationTask from the application task queue in the vault that is being processed. -- The FailureException, when processing experiences an unhandled -- exception from inside the TaskHandler. Note: The Process() method handles all errors. Unhandled exceptions inside the TaskHandler delegate are exposed via the ProcessingFailed event.
Public classAppTaskBatchProcessor
The application task processor handles the batch processing of application tasks as TaskProcessorJob's. The TaskQueueManager object delegates tasks to this task processor via the ProcessTasks(Vault, IEnumerableApplicationTask, CancellationToken)() method. - Registers the task queue passed in via the settings with the TaskQueueManager. - Enables task polling of the TaskQueueManager. - Exposes events [ BatchAdded ] -- BatchAdded => This event receives a TaskProcessorJob a.k.a. a batchJob. --- The individual batch job exposes life-cycle events [ ProcessingStarted, ProcessingCompleted, ProcessingFailed, CancellationRequested, ] --- These events can be used to keep local cached data in sync for --- vault applications or modules that need that sort of live updated info.
Public classAppTaskBatchProcessorSettings
Application task batch processor settings.
Public classAppTaskProcessingReport
Application task processing report.
Public classAppTaskProcessorSettings
ApplicationTask processor settings object.
Public classAppTaskUpdateInfo
ApplicationTask generic progress update info object.
Public classAsyncProcessingOperationT
The async processing operation class is a generic class, that provides the basic events and properties that an async processing operation should have. This class provides only the properties and events, all implementing classes are required to handle the actual execution and processing, while triggering the events provided by this class as needed. - Is cancellable. - Holds a standardized processing state. ProcessingStarted, ProcessingCompleted, ProcessingFailed, CancellationRequested, - Fires events on the change of each processing state.
Public classAsyncProcessingOperationArgsT
Event args class for the async processing operation events.
Public classAvailabilityGroupStatusSettings
Settings object used to get and set the availability group status of a server.
Public classAvailabilityGroupStatusWriter
Multi-server mode availability group health status writer.
Public classBatchProcessorChildJobArgs
Event args of the batch processors child jobs.
Public classBatchProcessorJob
The batch processor job class is the async processing operations specific to TaskProcessorJob's that are being processed by a IApplicationTaskProcessor. This class: - Has a guid identifier. - Holds a reference to the vault. - Contains a processing report. - Exposes events [ ChildJobCreated ]
Public classBatchProcessorJobArgs
Event args for the batch processor job events.
Public classBroadcastDirective
Broadcast action directive.
Public classCancellableOperationT
Class that can be cancelled. - The class holds a reference to the system threaded Task that will - process the cancellable logic. - Holds a cancellation token source linked to the token passed via the constructor.
Public classCancellableOperationArgsT
Event args class for the cancellable operation events.
Public classCloneContainerT
Clone values are used to ensure this is thread safe. - Each Value read operation returns a clone copy of the data. - Each Update(DataUpdaterUTP) call receives a clone copy - of the data and stores a clone copy of the returned result.
Public classCloneContainerArgsT
Clone container event args object.
Public classDateTimeExtensions
Provides to string formatting extensions for the DateTime type.
Public classFailedArgsT
Event args for a failed operations
Public classFailureInfo
Failure info class.
Public classPendingTasks
Pending tasks wrapper class. - Allows for prioritization of broadcast tasks.
Public classProcessingReportT
Processing results report object.
Public classSequentialTaskProcessor
Sequential application task processor. - Processes one task at a time.
Public classSharedSettingsHelper
Shared setting helper class. Used to Get / Set shared setting for task queue into NamedValueStorage.
Public classTaskProcessorBaseTSettings
Public classTaskProcessorBaseTSettingsBuiltInTaskHandlerIDs
Built in task handler IDs.
Public classTaskProcessorJob
The task processor job class is the async processing operations specific to ApplicationTask's that are being processed by a IApplicationTaskProcessor. This class: - Has a guid identifier. - Holds a reference to the vault. - Contains a processing report. - Exposes the immutable properties of the Application Task, so they are available without accessing the COM object.
Public classTaskProcessorJobArgs
Event args for the task processor job.
Public classTaskQueueDef
Application task queue definition.
Public classTaskQueueDirective
Task queue directive abstract base class. - Directives used for task queue processing should ( but are not - required to ) extend from this class.
Public classVaultExtMethodCallerDirective
Generic broadcast directive that contains only a handler type and a data item[] that will be passed as the input param's in the vault extension method call.
Public interfaceIDeepCloneable
Defines an interface for objects that can been deep cloned.
Public delegateDataUpdaterT
Delegate for updating the data value. Receives a clone copy of the data object and returns the value to be set as the data value. ///
Public delegateTaskHandler
Delegate used to process an individual application task.
Public delegateTaskProcessorJobHandler
Delegate used to process an individual application task, wrapper as a TaskProcessorJob.
Public enumerationProcessingJobState
Async processing operation, processing state.