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ITaskProcessingJobTDirective Properties

The ITaskProcessingJobTDirective generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbortJobToken
Token that signals if the job has been asked to abort.
Public propertyCancellationMessage
Message given for task cancellation, if it has been requested. Typically should be included in final status of the task if it marked canceled.
Public propertyCancelTaskToken
Token that signals if task cancellation has been requested.
Public propertyDirective
The task directive.
Public propertyIsJobAbortRequested
Indicates whether the job has been asked to abort.
Public propertyIsTaskCancellationRequested
Indicates whether it has been requested that the job's task is cancelled.
Public propertyRetries
The number of times this job has been retried.
Public propertyTaskInfo
The application task info.
Public propertyThrowOnUpdateBehavior
Public propertyTransactionMode
The transaction mode.
Public propertyVault
Vault access. Transaction scope is determined by the TransactionMode.
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