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TaskManager Properties

The TaskManager type exposes the following members.

Public propertyId
The id of the task manager (usually the namespace of the app it is running for).
Public propertyIsShuttingDown
Checks if the control is already shutting down.
(Inherited from Stoppable.)
Public propertyMaxConcurrency
The max number of tasks the manager can process at a given time across all queues. If this value is 0 (zero), then no tasks can be processed. If this value is -1, then there is no limit.
Protected propertyMaxLockWaitTime
Max lock wait time.
(Inherited from Stoppable.)
Public propertyProcessingInterval
The interval to sleep between process loop runs. If this is set to Zero, the process loop cannot be started using StartProcessing, instead Poll must be called every time the queues should be polled.
Public propertyServerId
The current server instance's id.
Public propertyServerName
The current server instance'sname.
Public propertyShutdownTask
Task that resolves when shutdown is fully completed.
(Inherited from Stoppable.)
Public propertyShutdownToken
Token that is canceled when the control begins to shutdown.
(Inherited from Stoppable.)
Public propertyVault
Permanent vault instance.
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