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TaskQueueManager Properties

The TaskQueueManager type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDelayMsAfterTransactionalBroadcastTaskCreation
The time is milliseconds that is delayed before triggering a new polling cycle, following the creation of an application task that will be used to create a broadcast message (when created using a transactional vault reference).
Protected propertyManagerTokenSource
Cancellation token source for the manager itself. - Requesting a cancellation will cause all queues and all their respective tasks to be cancelled as well.
Protected propertyPersistentVault
Persistent Vault object.
Protected propertyPollingEnabledLock
Lock used to prevent changes to the polling enabled flag while it is locked.
Protected propertyPollingIntervalInSeconds
The current and active polling interval in seconds.
Protected propertyTransactionalBroadcastCreationQueue
When defined and a transactional vault is passed into the creation call of a broadcast message, an ApplicationTask will be created that will be used to create the broadcast message. This ensures that the broadcast message will never be created if the current transaction fails.
Protected propertyTransactionalBroadcastProcessor
Processes the broadcast creation tasks when transactional broadcast creation is enabled.
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