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IEnvironment Properties

The IEnvironment type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActivityID
The activity ID for the current event call. Can be used with event tracking framework.
Public propertyCurrentTransactionID
The current transaction id. Represents either real transaction or enlisting DB transaction.
Public propertyCurrentUserID
The current (author) user id for the current event.
Public propertyCurrentUserSessionInfo
The session info that represents the current (invoker) user session.
Public propertyDisplayID
The handled object or value list item display id. Relevant only for events that handle objects of value list items.
Public propertyMasterTransactionID
The master (real) DB transaction id.
Public propertyObjVer
Object version identifier for current event. Set if the event is associated with an object version.
Public propertyParentTransactionID
Parent transaction id. Set with enlisting transaction only.
Public propertyTransactionCache
Accessor for the transaction cache.
Public propertyVault
Current vault object. This vault object is bound with current DB transaction.
Public propertyVaultSharedVariables
Accessor for the shared variabled.
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