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ObjVerEx Properties

The ObjVerEx type exposes the following members.

Public propertyACL
Returns this object version's ACL.
Public propertyCanModify
Determines if this version can be modified. Specifically determines if this is the latest version, and is not checked out, or is checked out to this user.
Public propertyClass
Returns the object's class ID.
Public propertyExists
Determines if the object exists in the vault (not deleted, destroyed, nor unresolvable). Tries to be more efficient and safe than calling IsDeleted and IsDestroyed separately.
Public propertyHistory
Retrieves the history of this object, with each version wrapped as an ObjVerEx object. Also ensures the order of the object is from newest to oldest. Includes all versions, including the called instance.
Public propertyID
Returns the ID of this object.
Public propertyInfo
Returns the version information associated with this ObjVer.
Public propertyIsDeleted
Indicates whether the object is deleted.
Public propertyIsDestroyed
Indicates whether the object version has been destroyed.
Public propertyIsEnteringState
Determines if the object is entering the current state... IE. it is unique from the previous state.
Public propertyIsFirstVersion
Determines whether this object version is the first of the object.
Public propertyIsLatestVersion
Returns a boolean indicating whether the object is of the latest version.
Public propertyIsLoaded
Indicates whether both the Info (ObjectVersion) and Properties have been loaded in this wrapper.
Public propertyIsPromoted
Indicates whether this object is promoted from external source.
Public propertyIsRecord
Indicates whether this object is a M-Files Record.
Public propertyIsTemplate
Indicates whether this object is an M-Files template.
Public propertyObjID
Returns the ObjID of this object.
Public propertyObjVer
Returns the ObjVer of this object.
Public propertyPermissions
Returns this object version's permissions.
Public propertyPreviousVersion
The previous version of this object. Will fetch the properties and info of the previous version, as well.
Public propertyProperties
Returns the properties associated with this ObjVer.
Public propertySpecificVersion
Returns whether specific version information is available, or if this ObjVerEx refers to the latest. Note: Accessing the Version property will automatically lookup the latest version.
Public propertyState
Returns the object's state. -1 if not set.
Public propertyTitle
The title of this object version.
Public propertyType
Returns the Type of this object.
Public propertyVault
Returns the vault in which this object resides.
Public propertyVersion
Returns the Version of this object.
Public propertyVersionComment
The version comment.
Public propertyWorkflow
Returns the object's workflow. -1 if not set.
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