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ConfigurationDomain Properties

The ConfigurationDomain type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCommands
The domain's custom commands if any.
Public propertyConfiguration
The domain's configuration source (readable/writable) if any.
Public propertyDescription
Optional description of the configuration domain.
Public propertyDisplayName
Human-readable name for the domain.
Public propertyID
Defines the id for the configuration domain. Should be unique (name-spaced name recommended).
Public propertyInitializers
Directives used to initialize the domain on the client. This can be used to package the domain with the results of domain definied sources, without the client needing to follow those sources itself initially. This can reduce the number of server calls that need to be made when first loading a domain, improving performance, especially in cases of high latency.
Public propertySchema
The domains schema or schema source definition, if any.
Public propertySortPriority
The priority in which this domain should be listed amongst other domains. Domains with larger sortPrioriity values will appear earlier/higher in listings. Domains with the same/no priority will be sorted alphabetically.
Public propertyStatusDashboard
The domain's dashboard source definition, if any.
Public propertyStatusSummary
The domain's status source definition, if any.
Public propertySubDomains
The domain's subdomains or the source definition to use to load them.
Public propertyValidation
The domain's validation source definition, if any.
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