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RelationshipPlaceholder Properties

The RelationshipPlaceholder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAcceptsContextTypes
The datatype this command handler accepts for the context when expanding.
(Overrides PlaceholderCommandHandlerAcceptsContextTypes.)
Public propertyClass
The filtering Class definition.
Public propertyCommand
The level's command.
(Inherited from PlaceholderCommandHandler.)
Public propertyContextType
The datatype this command handler will output.
(Overrides PlaceholderCommandHandlerContextType.)
Public propertyFilter
The filter id if present and resolved.
Public propertyFilterType
The filter type to pass to MFIdentifier for filter reference resolution.
Protected propertyInitialized
Indicates whether the handler has been initialized.
(Inherited from PlaceholderCommandHandler.)
Public propertyIssues
Issues encountered during initialization.
(Inherited from PlaceholderCommandHandler.)
Public propertyLevel
The placeholder level this object is handling.
(Inherited from PlaceholderCommandHandler.)
Public propertyMode
The relationship mode for expansion.
Public propertyObjType
The filtering ObjType definition.
Public propertyParameter
The level's parameter.
(Inherited from PlaceholderCommandHandler.)
Public propertySettings
The level's parse and expansion settings.
(Inherited from PlaceholderCommandHandler.)
Protected propertySupportedTypes
The level types supported by this handler.
(Overrides PlaceholderCommandHandlerSupportedTypes.)
Public propertyVault
The level's vault.
(Inherited from PlaceholderCommandHandler.)
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