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ExpandedPlaceholder Properties

The ExpandedPlaceholder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyChildren
The expanded child nodes.
(Inherited from ExpandedPlaceholderTemplateNode.)
Public propertyContext
The context of the expansion.
(Inherited from ExpandedPlaceholderTemplateNode.)
Public propertyDefaultEncoder
The default encoder.
Public propertyHideMissingValue
Determines if an empty or missing context will result in an empty string or the original placeholder definition.
Public propertyIsEncoded
Indicates whether the placeholder contains an explicit encoding command. If this values is false, the default encoder will be used, if specified.
Public propertyIssues
Issues encountered during expansion of this node and it's children.
(Inherited from ExpandedPlaceholderTemplateNode.)
Public propertyLastLevel
The final child level that determines the final output of the placeholder.
Public propertyPlaceholder
Source cast as placeholder.
Public propertySource
The segment that was expanded.
(Inherited from ExpandedPlaceholderTemplateNode.)
Public propertyText
The textual result of the expansion.
(Overrides ExpandedPlaceholderTemplateNodeText.)
Public propertyUserSession
The user session used during expansion, if any.
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