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PlaceholderTemplateSettings Properties

The PlaceholderTemplateSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCommandProviders
The Placeholder Levels available for expansion.
Public propertyDefaultEncoder
Indicates which encoding should be used on expanded placeholder texts by default. If a placeholder already contains an encoder this will not be used on its values.
Public propertyHideMissingValues
Indicates whether placeholders should be left as they are if the object doesn't have a property referenced by a placeholder, instead of being replaced by an empty string. If set to false, format string can be passed to multiple objects.
Public propertyUseNumericDigitGrouping
When true, number grouping separators are applied to number values. - UseNumericDigitGrouping = False => "100000" - UseNumericDigitGrouping = True => "100,000"
Public propertyUserSession
The current user session. If set, the placeholder expansion will be limited to vault elements and content visible to this user's session.
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