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VaultApplicationBase Properties

The VaultApplicationBase type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyAdminConfigurationsManager
Admin Configuration Manager to handle the wire-up between M-Files Admin and Dashboard Nodes.
Public propertyApplicationDefinition
The application definition information.
Public propertyApplicationRunningStatus
Returns the application running status. Indicates if the application is starting, stopping or running normally.
Protected propertyAuthenticationData
The optional authentication data for the application.
Protected propertyAvailabilityGroupStatusWriter
Multi-server availability group status reporter.
Public propertyBackgroundOperations
A manager for creating background operations.
Public propertyConfigurationStorage
The configuration storage object.
Public propertyEventSourceIdentifier
Returns the vault application event source identifier that is used when logging to Windows event log.
Public propertyExecutionTracer
The execution tracer object.
Protected propertyInitialLoadComplete
True after the Initialize() method has been executed.
Protected propertyLicense
The optional license of the application. Set this in inherited class constructor to get license.
Public propertyMetadataStructureValidationResult
The results from the metadata structure validation.
Public propertyMetadataStructureValidator
The metadata structure validator object.
Public propertyPermanentVault
The permanent vault object, runs as MFServer user.
Public propertyTaskManager
Task manager.
Protected propertyTaskQueueResolver
Task queue resolver. Resolves task queues and task and broadcast processors declared with attributes.
Protected propertyValidationRecursionLimit
The number of levels the valdiator is allowed to traverse before throwing an exception. This value protects against infinite recursion loops, but may need to be increased for applications with deeply nested configuration settings. Note: Using some built-in types may significantly increase the configuration depth, like SearchConditionsJA.
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