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AsyncProcessingOperationT Class

The async processing operation class is a generic class, that provides the basic events and properties that an async processing operation should have. This class provides only the properties and events, all implementing classes are required to handle the actual execution and processing, while triggering the events provided by this class as needed. - Is cancellable. - Holds a standardized processing state. ProcessingStarted, ProcessingCompleted, ProcessingFailed, CancellationRequested, - Fires events on the change of each processing state.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  MFiles.VAF.MultiserverMode
Assembly:  MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 2.3.623.2
public abstract class AsyncProcessingOperation<T> : CancellableOperation<T>
where T : class, IDeepCloneable

Type Parameters

Object being processed.

The AsyncProcessingOperationT type exposes the following members.

Public methodCancel
Requests cancellation of the operation.
(Inherited from CancellableOperationT.)
Public methodCancelAfter
Requests cancellation of the operation.
(Inherited from CancellableOperationT.)
Protected methodOnCancellationRequested
Override the cancellation requested method to ensure only items with a valid state are updated.
(Overrides CancellableOperationTOnCancellationRequested(CancellableOperationArgsT).)
Public methodOnProcessingCompleted
Processing completed event invocation.
Public methodOnProcessingFailed
Processing failed event invoker.
Public methodOnProcessingStarted
Processing started event invocation.
Public methodResetCancellationToken
Resets the cancellation token source.
(Inherited from CancellableOperationT.)
Public methodThrowIfCancellationRequested
If cancellation has been requested: - The CancellationRequest event is fired. - Then the cancellation exception is thrown.
(Inherited from CancellableOperationT.)
Protected methodThrowIfLessThanOne
Asserts the passed value is greater than zero.
Protected methodThrowIfNull
Asserts the passed object is not null.
(Inherited from CancellableOperationT.)
Protected methodTriggerCancellationRequested
Triggers the cancellation requested event, for any registered listeners.
(Inherited from CancellableOperationT.)
Public eventCancellationRequested
Event fired on cancellation requested.
(Inherited from CancellableOperationT.)
Public eventProcessingCompleted
Event fired on processing completed without failure.
Public eventProcessingFailed
Event fired on processing failure.
Public eventProcessingStarted
Processing has started event.
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