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AppTaskUpdateInfo Properties

The AppTaskUpdateInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCreateAtUtc
When the task was created.
Public propertyEndedAtUtc
Time the task processing ended.
Public propertyFailureInfo
Optional - Failure info.
Public propertyLastUpdatedAtUtc
Time the task was last updated.
Public propertyPercentComplete
Numeric completion progress.
Public propertyProcessingTargets
Holds identifier(s) for objects that are the target of the processing.
Public propertyRemarks
Additional remarks / serialized json.
Public propertyServerGuid
Server guid of this msm server.
Public propertyServerName
Environment.Name of the server that processed the task.
Public propertyStatusInfo
Optional - Status info.
Public propertyTaskState
Task state info.
Public propertyTraceInfo
Optional -Trace Log info.
Public propertyUpdateCount
Number of updates this task has had.
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